Recommended Survival Books

Awareness and reaction will help you survive a world full of enemies in all your lifestyle environments. Check out these recommended survival books

Recommended Survival BooksMark Roemke No Asshole Rule

“Life’s Too Short To Work With A**holes”

Marc Barros recommends: “Life’s Too Short to Work with A**holes”

“What motivates them…The simple answer is power. Driven by the belief that their winning is all that matters, they are willing to destroy everyone and everything around them to make their quest come true. Their lack of empathy comes through in how they speak, talk, and treat people. At a more fundamental level, a**holes engage in behaviors that intentionally cause emotional harm to others. In their mind, this is winning and the reaction you show or the anger you return only fuels their motivations. Your response is validation that yes, they are winning. But where does this come from? Fear. Fear of losing control. Fear of being rejected. Fear of opening their heart and being hurt. Fear that if they trust, they will be let down. Fear of the unknown. Often anchored in past experiences that rocked their soul, a**holes use intimidation and manipulation as a defense mechanism. They have a distorted perception that these are the only tools available to them when connecting with others. A false sense of reality they don’t realize until years down the road…A third party, like your lawyer, can be incredibly helpful in this situation. “

(from Marc Barros, One Entrepreneur’s Perspective,

We recommend the SAS Survival Handbook:

“The instinct to survive will never change, neither will the human body’s amazing ability to endure. Yet we should also bear in mind that, as we become more civilized, survival skills are being forgotten. It is doubly important, therefore, to practise our survival skills, and be prepared for anything. Survival training is the best insurance policy you can take out in an unstable world.”

(from John Wiseman, SAS Survival Handbook)